Monday, September 21, 2015

If you are a ClickTrackProfit member I'm sure you have a clear idea what +1 badge hunt is about.
If not just keep reading…..

Members of  ClickTrackProfit have to find badges from their sponsors. The top 75 members who found most badges will be rewarded with $5 each.  Moreover, during the event they are giving out tons of CTP XP randomly when members claim the badges!

I'm one of those lucky Badges Sponsor , if you want my Badge Click Here to know how to steel mine :)
Good Luck

How to claim my Badge :)

You have many choices to choose from.

* Choice One :

Join the two listed sites below and surf the required links.

1. 4sellers2buyers  ( surf 50+ )
2. Hit2Hit  ( surf 50+ )

If you have an account in the above sites, you can join the alternative sites below :

1. TheHitLibrary ( surf 250+ )
2. Ventureplugtraffic
I will send your Badge link via Email you provided when you signed up.

* Choice Two :

It's so easy.......:)

Send me $1.90 to my PayPal account and I will email you the badge link.

Kindly, send the money to